Our Farm located at Simpang Rengam,Kluang,Johor State,Malaysia.We have been breeding fullblood Boer Goats imported from Australia since yaer 2007.
Until today we starting in provide the locally bred Malaysia Boer Goats both for breeding and slaughtering.
Our halal premium Boer Goats meat is classified as the healthiest source of meat with the lowest composition of fat and saturated fat compared to poultry.
We are ability supply of goats 1000 piece per year included of Boer Goats,Saanen ,Anglo Nubing and Jamnapari.
We pride ourselves on top quality goats and promise competitive price. Please contact us for more information.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baja Tahi Kambing

1 bungkus RM3.20
100 bungkus RM300.00
1000 bungkus RM2900.00

Kambing Jantan Muda kacuk boer/agro/jamnapari/saanen utk dijual

Kami membekal daging kambing untuk pelbagal acara :-
1.Aqiqah dan Qurban
2.Kenduri dan Gathering
3.Baka dan lain-lain
Harga bergantung kepada berat dan saiz kambing anggaran berat 30kg to 45kg harga  RM550 - RM750

Thursday, September 30, 2010